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What is a community food larder?

A food larder is a local provision that is able to provide a 3 or 5 day supply of food and other items  for genuine emergencies for those who find themselves in temporary hardship, with no other source of money or support. Situations such as rising costs, homelessness, debt, unemployment, benefit review or family breakdown can all lead to difficulties for individuals or families. There are currently over 325 food-banks in the UK, and during 2012-13 almost 350,000 people were fed by food-banks.*


Why does Skegness need a Community Larder?

Skegness Food Larder was set up in response to a growing need nationally and locally for people in food poverty.

Food poverty can be brought on by a number of factors such as homelessness, unemployment, redundancy, benefit delays, debt, unexpected bills or low income.

In 2013 over 1100 food parcels were provided to families and indivuals in the Skegness area.

“...over 1100 food parcels supplied to individuals and families in the Skegness area in 2013...”

ELDC Report

How do I access the Community Larder

Clients can access the Community Larder by referral from agencies participating in the Community Larder scheme.

Agencies and organisations can receive a referrers pack by contacting The Storehouse at.

Organisations who can refer to the Community Larder:

ELDC Housing Support

Social Services

Members of Skegness Fellowship of Churches

Job Centre


Citizens Advice

All charitable organisations

All agencies in the Skeness area.